You said King’s Landing was your home. You are the property of the crown. Stealing you would be treason.

Bamon- 4x13: In which Damon unknowingly acts as Bonnie’s bodyguard.

"They would have thrown you through the moon door if they found you guilty."

"That’s not an answer." 

There’s actually a line in the script where after you see what happens on the date, she even says, ‘That was still not my worst date!’
Andrew Kreisberg about Felicity & Oliver’s date (via lovingvaldaya)

there are wolves, they would say. and there are stories about wolves and girls. girls in red, all alone in the woods. about to get eaten up. wolves and girls. both have sharp teeth.

A lot can happen between now and never.


Love is not the thing he wants.

HAPPY 23rd BIRTHDAY, Emily Bett Rickards! (Don’t forget to vote for her in Teen Choice Awards as “Female Breakout Star”)